hardscapingPatios, walks, walls, columns, steps and outdoor kitchens are all forms of hardscaping that can bring your dream of an outdoor living space to life. There a many different ways to incorporate a combination of design features to create a space that is unique and specific to your needs and wants.

Rudder Landscaping, Inc. is an authorized EP Henry, Rinox, ICPI and NCMA installer. This means we possess the knowledge and skill to guarantee that your structure is built to the industry’s top standards, providing you with a attractive, safe, enjoyable and long- lasting improvement to your property.

There are many different styles of pavers and natural stone to achieve the texture and color that you are looking for. From the most complicated project to the simplest installs, Rudder Landscaping, Inc. is highly qualified and will be more than happy to guide you through your project from design to completion.

Contact us for a free estimate or a no obligation consultation on creating a custom hardscape design for your home your business.